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DESCRIPTION : Steam Bath_Beauty Spa / Personal Steam sauna

For people who want to start living healthy, slashing out bad food is not enough. You need to keep in check your calorie intake, do some exercise, and perhaps go an extra mile to try and sweat the pounds out. While it may be a hassle for some people, there are some ways to make healthy living easier–sit back, relax, and let the Beauty Spa Portable Steam Sauna do all the work for you.

The Portable Steam Sauna makes weight loss an easier task to achieve by literally being a smaller version of those sauna spas that you go to. It works by producing steam and heat that melts your fats away–making it easier to loss those extra inches off your waist and troublesome areas. Its steam feature also doubles as a diffuser for aromatherapy. Sweating will help your body lose water and toxins that are in the water, thus helping in losing weight. Detoxification can give your skin a healthy tone.
This portable device can help you lose about 250 calories in half an hour effortlessly. It is the easy ticket to a fabulous figure and a radiant skin. To use the Beauty Spa Portable Steam Sauna, simply set it up and plug it into a 110/220V outlet. You can also double up the effects of this sauna with an accompanying sauna suit. Just remember to hydrate before and after the process to avoid being overly dehydrated.

Fitness Formula
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