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Magnetic Bracelet – ZL 003

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Acupressure Mat – Super with copper

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Bio Magnetic Bracelet-Titanium/Germanium/Starling

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Titanium Magnetic bracelets are a natural way to relieve pain and restore vitality levels. Millions of people worldwide have successfully used titanium magnetic bracelets, which have proven to be safe.

The practice of magnetized therapy dates back to ancient times, when states like Egypt and China used the magnetic properties of natural rocks for therapeutic purposes.
Titanium Magnetic bracelet therapy is elemental, with no adverse effects.
Titanium magnetic bracelets are constructed of grade 2-3 titanium, which is a very biocompatible metal. Many athletes use them to increase their performance.
Golfers frequently utilize Titanium Magnetic bracelets.

Biomagnetic bracelets composed of valuable metals such as titanium, stainless steel (surgical), gunmetal, and tungsten (gold and silver plated) with 100% pure Germanium Far Infrared, Negative Ion Metal Balls.

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