“Warsaw” – “Skra”: forecast and rate of Timur Khabibullin

Perhaps the bookmakers offered one of the strangest totals on the statistical showed the central match of the Polish championship. I suggest paying attention to the total number of errors in the serve.

Varshava volleyball players make mistakes on service this season much less often than in the past, making an average of 13 service mistakes per match. Andrea Anastasi’s wards try to focus on both 51% positive reception and 50% effectiveness in attack. It was this that became the key to the success of the Warsaw team at the start of the season, and not the focus on serving, where on average they make 5 aces per match.

What can not be said about the volleyball players of Skry, who have long been famous for a large number of defective serve from season to season. This season, the team of Slobodan Kovacs, on average, commits 16 service errors per match, gaining 8 points per service! Probably, now it has become clear to many that Skra is strenuously emphasizing the serve, and the head coach gives carte blanche to the pitchers, and this results in a large number of rejects.

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Volleyball club “Skra” played five matches in the Polish championship, where in each game on the sum of both teams there were more than
30 service errors at the end of the match. Undoubtedly, if the game drags on for at least four sets, the teams will make about 30-32 mistakes, since both teams will make on average
7-8 mistakes in one batch. It seems to me that the bookmakers greatly underestimated this position, since the match between equal teams will not be limited to three games, and in such cases the bookmakers are obliged to offer a total of about 32.5 / 33.5, and on paper we see 25.5 for 1.85. I think this position is too valuable! I suggest playing the total in the range from 25.5 to 29.5.

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