Inter Real Madrid: prediction and bets of Nikita Kovalchuk

Real Madrid and Inter meet each other – this is already some kind of fun tradition in the group stage of the Champions League. Shakhtar also arrived there – this is the purest dj vu.

Real Madrid looks like a team that continues to get stuck in time – this is the current situation for this club. The management is waiting for big purchases and lives only on this, and today they are of little interest. This is what the team play looks like. Carlo Ancelotti guarantees a certain level of quality, but no one is immune from problems, which can be seen in every game of Real Madrid. Yes, they win, yes, it sometimes looks very cool, but there is no reliability and certainty.

Exactly the same story happens with Inter. A kind of easy reboot, which did not turn into a sale, but so far Inter reminds another team of Inzaghi – Lazio. Everything seems to be good, but how much it will work at maximum voltage is difficult to say. Dzeko replaces Lukaku very well in functionality, but in terms of the level and quality of the game, of course, Lukaku is stronger. On simpler opponents, these substitutions are more than enough, but it’s hard to say how it will be with more difficult opponents. It’s also hard to say how difficult Real is.

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I think that both teams will score, there will be a goal in the first half, but who will win, I will not dare say.

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